“No, Smoking!”

New duo recording with Dave Schnug now available on bandcamp.

“No, Smoking!”  Dried Orange Records (2014)

Physical copies available soon.   Pre-order today and thanks for listening!

“Nancy with the Laughing Face”



Post/Pre Japan update

Many unseen events this year.   Many fortunate opportunities.   Lots of studio work.   Pet Bottle Ningen just finished 4th Japan tour.  Other tours this year with Martin Bisi, Karl 2000 were enjoyable.   Jet lag and Ramen are distracting my sleep but I am excited to announce many new recordings from 2014. (Any labels out there want to help produce a vinyl???)

Returning to Japan in a few weeks for more amazing music and lots on the horizon.   Someday this site will be fully-functional.  For now please visit driedorangerecords.bandcamp.com for some downloads.   Picking up more students in NYC, email davemillerdrums@gmail.com for details.  IMG_0190 IMG_9281 IMG_9282

End of the year.

not much of a blogger. never will be i suppose. here’s to looking forward, to what’s known and unknown in 2014.

and a few recent happenings…

“Dogwood Left” Chris Kelsey trio with Austin White.

Satoko Fujii Trio with Rene Hart and DM at The Stone during Satoko’s August residency.

Martin Bisi band Cafe Central.
Brussels, Belgium.
“Ghouls Gone Wild” t-shirt & nothing else needs to be said!

New York and beyond

Image Lots on the schedule as I have been getting back into the action back in NYC. Very complicated times for many people in the community of the world who knew the great Mulgrew Miller. His passing is very dear to me and my heart is with everyone who knew him, played with him, listened and learn from him. I will cherish his teaching forever and keep his heart alive with music. 
Last month brought an amazing end to my time in Japan. Matt Keegan’s Experience was Great.
Back in New York: “Pet Bottle Chuck” gig at Silent Barn last month with Dave Scanlon and Chuck Bettis,  Karl 2000 performed on the Evolving Music Series yesterday at Clemente Soto Valez.  Time to pack the drums for a brief tour with Dave Schnug and Travis Reuter.  More gig updates soon.  Got to make it to the Vision Festival next week!

June 3rd- Evolving Music Series, Karl 2000.  NYC, NY artsforart.org

June 5th- Outpost, Cambridge, MA.  Dave Schnug Trio.  Dave Schnug (alto sax/compositions), Travis Reuter (guitar) Dave Miller (drums)

June 6th- 119 Gallery.  Lowell, MA.  Dave Schnug Trio. + other great bands.

June 7th-  Radio Bean.  Burlington, VT.  Dave Schnug Trio. 





Matt Keegan/Dave Miller Tokyo Collaboration May 1-7, 2013

My former Brooklyn roommate (and Evening Time Place co-conspirator) Matt Keegan will be in Japan for a week and we will be buggin’ hard playing a few shows. Matt is an amazing trombonist and also plays guitar/synth in BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. Currently living in Brisbane, Australia, Matt and Dave will be celebrating a new release (a special improv trio with bassist Francois Grillot) as well as recording some new music for future listeners. Do come meet Keegan and hear some NYC freejazz.

May 1 wed. “NT4”
“NT4″@ foxhole / kichijoji
david miller / drums
matt keegan / tbn
fujiwara,daisuke / t.sax
toho, hikaru / w-bass
http://foxhole.exblog.jp/fox hole 吉祥寺
start / 20:00
charge / 1600yen

MAY 2 thurs.
東京都世田谷区北沢2丁目 9‐22 EIKOビルB1F 155-0031
Daysuke Takaoka- tuba
Kunikazu Tanaka- saxophone
Matt Keegan- trombone
Dave Miller- drums
8pm start (20:00)
charge:800yen+order + donation for musicians.

MAY 3 fri.Low
Brass solos/sessions
Tokyo Kichijoji The Foxhole
open 19:30 / start 20:00
Matt Keegan/Toshihiro Koike/Yasuyuki Takahashi(trombone)
Daysuke Takaoka(tuba)
no charge drink order+donation for musicians.

MAY 4 sat.
come hang with Matt and Dave at dzumi sound cafe as we will be hanging and listening to records.

May 5 sun.
開演 20:00 /(予約、1ドリンク付き)

May 7 tues.
Jazz Janome
Yasuko Kaneko- trombone
Matt Keegan- trombone
Dave Miller- drums
7:30 start time, donations. first set trio, second set open session
Address is 2-19-5 Asakusa Taito-ku

keeganmillerphotophoto credit: Alex Lozupone, Parkside Lounge, 2011.  copyright dogandpanda


Greetings from Tokyo.   Been a WHILE since updating/posting.   Lots happening.   Just finished up a KARL 2000 tour in Japan and next week begins a tour with TORU TENDA and NOBUYOSHI INO.   Very blessed to be making lots of amazing music.   At this moment my parents and sister are in flight to Japan and we will be spending a few days in Kyoto with my lovely wife Yuriko.   Excited for them to meet the family.  In other news, PET BOTTLE NINGEN has released it’s second album (“Non-Recyclable” on Tzadik Records) recorded by Martin Bisi. Lots of work to do and more news to come before the end of this extended stay in Japan.  Thanks to all who have shown support and love for the music I am involved in.  Below are the tour schedules from this voyage and check back soon for some exciting gig announcements with MATT KEEGAN in Tokyo for early May.  ????????3


also….I am now on Twitter.   Follow me @davemillerdrums

December 2012 (two new videos)

The end of my 27th year is approaching.   Spent the past three days in Massachusetts with KARL 2000.   Looking forward to working a lot more with these guys (and touring Japan next spring!)  We should start recording our 2nd record soon.  Here’s an entire concert from Lowell’s magnificent 119 Gallery (extra thanks to Walter Wright and Mary Ann Kerns for having one of the best scenes/venues/attitudes in the North Eastern Coast).

December brings a few performances, the one most exciting is PET BOTTLE NINGEN at ROULETTE alongside PHANTOM ORCHARD (Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins).   Super excited as we will be mastering our second CD for Tzadik later this week.   GSI Community Day will ensue and I am ready to travel to Chicago, Iowa and Japan later this month.

I will also be playing in a benefit concert for Gowanus area studios destroyed by Hurricane Sandy with Martin Bisi.  This video just became available from September 2012 performance at Cake Shop in Manhattan.   You can see all the dumb faces I like to make when I’m playing (I hope this doesn’t always happen.)

Thanks for stopping by the new and improving website/blog for drummer Dave Miller.  You will be able to buy recordings, schedule lessons and download music from this site as well as keep up with performances and tours.

Please e-mail davemillerdrums@gmail.com to get in touch.

This video was recorded in my practice space in Brooklyn, NY post-summer 2012.