Dried Orange Records

Dried Orange Records is my label. Most releases have digital presence and you downloads are available at:


upcoming releases include duos with saxophonist Jonas Labhart (Switzerland) and David Schnug (NYC)

“Boys Will Be Boys” Duo with trombonist Matt Keegan, Live in Japan, 2013. (DOR 2014 release)

“Anomie” Keegan/Grillot/Miller (DOR 2014 download release of Limited Edition CD-R

“Demian Richardson Quartet” Demian Richardson and Three Daves a classic from 2009.

WORD GAMES- “ROUGH LAY”  (Dried Orange Records 002)  Release September, 2009.  Limited Edition 100 print copies in collaboration with BPC Records (now defunct).    “Rough Lay” features David Schnug on alto saxophone, Trevor Lagrange on wurlitzer and piano, DM on drums.   All compositions by the members plus one Don Cherry track.   Album Art by Shawn Sorge (ergosmot)

TELL THE AUDIENT VOID -s/t (D.O.R. 001)  Limited Edition 100 CDR copies and the ONLY available recordings of TTAV.  Joshua Lopes guitar/compositions, David Schnug alto saxophone/flute, Jesse Stern electric bass, DM drums.   Recorded at 953 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, JUNE 2007.   Recorded by Alan Bjorklund, Produced by Dave Miller.

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